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Modern Italian circa 1920
Vintage German, Del Gesu model
Old German 19th century
F. Ferroni, Firenze - SOLD!
Calin Wultur, Guarneri model
French circa 1930 - SOLD!
Stefano Trabucchi, Cremona
Samuel Shen
Knute Reindahl, Chicago - SOLD!

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Karl August Berger, New York
Enzo Barbieri, Mantova
Vintage Czech
E.L. Edler
Calin Wultur - SOLD!
German circa 1940
Paul Schuback workshop
August Kohr
Lemoine,Vintage Swiss - SOLD!

​J.K. Heaps, 19th c. English 
German circa 1890
Old English, circle of Benjamin Banks - SOLD!
English mid 19th century
Thibouville-Lamy - SOLD!
Kennedy Workshop (in restoration please inquire)
19th century French - SOLD!
J.B. Collin Mézin Pére - SOLD!
Robin Aitchison, Ely UK
Samuel Shen cellos
Franz Sandner

Vintage Romanian
Calin Wultur Elite- SOLD! 
David Estrada, Cremona
Samuel Shen SB180 - SOLD!
Calin Wultur Parnormo
Vintage Mittenwald (in restoration please inquire)
Barbé pére - SOLD!
Sheng Liu

Select bows by F. N. Voirin, Hill, Lapierre, Claude Thomassin, John Norwood Lee, Garner Wilson, E.M. Penzel, Lloyd Liu, DeLuccia, Dorfler, Schiker and many others
More pictures coming soon!
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